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Storage has always been an issue since homes and offices are becoming smaller and more compact by the day. This means that even though you may have enough storage space, you may need to create some more to accommodate for emergencies. Worry not! We are the self-storage specialists serving storage needs in the Niagara Region.

Our portable containers help you store your documents or belongings by yourself which means you can catalog and store the stuff in the way you want to so that it allows for easy access. Self-storage also means that you can take the responsibility of storing your things yourself without any interference. This is especially useful in construction sites where heavy tools and equipment which are very expensive are used. These tools and machinery can be stored by the workers themselves if they just have the storage space to do the same. This is where self-storage companies serve the best.

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At Storage Solutions Niagara, storage means everything to us and we know the hardships customers go through to find a decent storage space. Hence, we make it a point to help the customer in such a way that they do not feel hassled and their problem has been solved. Our company mainly focuses on servicing the Niagara region including Niagara Falls, Niagara on the Lake and St. Catharine’s. We also offer our services in the Fort Erie and Welland region. Our executives and employees have all been trained in a way that makes your life easy. They have been trained to accommodate all your needs and as such all your storage needs will be entirely satisfied by our staff.

Our Services

Since we are a storage solutions company we have made it a point to be the best in our field and as such we offer services that will cover every type of storage requirement. We provide portable self-storage facilities which mean the storage containers will be located at the place of your choice for easy access. We also provide a secure storage compound.

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